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Backlink Audit

Performing a Backlink Audit not only helps to evaluate the quality of links pointing towards your website, but it can also present opportunities for building high-quality links to your site that didn't exist before and remove bad links that might compromise your website ranking.

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Backlink audit
Study the grounds, start the hunt

Why do Backlink Audit with us?

the key factors of SEO: content quality and link building
the % representing backlinks in Google score
the % of companies hiring freelancers for link building
the % of companies that receive extra Backlink thanks to Blogs

Optimize your Backlink profile

Investing in Link Building to climb the mountain SERP is crucial, but so is the Backlink Audit. There aren’t very many companies that understand the importance of these activities. It’s hard to believe but many overlook the importance of knowing the geese that can put the Wolf in trouble, and consequently its goal towards achieving the top places on Google.

External links can be a valuable source of nourishment for those who, after applying SEO techniques on their site, want to expand their strategy. Just like the food that feeds the Wolf, if the external links are toxic, the health of those who ate it will be compromised.

Our Backlink Checker service, and our extensive experience, are the tools we use to provide you with the best Backlink Audit for your site pages.

Wolf agency. Seo a 360 gradi
wolf agency. Seo a 360 gradi

Improve your link profile with Wolf Agency

Positioning your website means investing in resources and focusing primarily on content. All the effort you have put into your website can be thwarted in a short time by not utilizing Backlink Audit, useful to know the weaknesses of your site and remove link toxicity that might compromise your website.

We analyze your Backlink profile according to the most up-to-date search engine evaluation criteria. Domain authority, page authority, citation flow and trust flow: we will consider all relevant aspects of the site and those from which the links come. If you performed link building activities a long time ago, the sites and domains that covered it may have now completely changed their profile: another necessary reason to perform the Backlink Audit.

Therefore, taking a step back and correcting mistakes that have been done, are fundamental aspects to l begin your web-improvement journey. Everyone makes mistakes, but those who know how to admit it win and learn how to overcome further errors.

How does it work?
How does it work?

01 Backlink Audit service

Visibility in search engines means being there and giving answers to what your users are looking for. Verify that your profile includes excellence, relevance and quality to obtain top rankings through your website content.
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In alignment with the algorithm
In alignment with the algorithm

02 The Wolf loses its fur but not its Backlinks

We are always up to date on the news about the algorithms for the positioning of sites: whichever direction the search engines take; we will know how to adapt a SEO strategy in no time
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Quality only Backlink
Quality only Backlink

03 Backlink Audit of controlled and guaranteed origin

Our Backlink Audit service is aimed at preserving all the quality backlinks of your site. There will be no negative impacts on the number of visitors, but only improvements in positioning
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Only report what you want
Only report what you want

04 Guaranteed results

Check the signals you want search engines to receive about your site: boost your visibility with our Backlink Strategy service
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All the advantages of SEO
All the advantages of SEO

05 Your potential customers are looking for you

Improve your organic positioning to gain high quality traffic. By choosing to do Backlink Audit with us you have already spotted the safest path to get to the peak.
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  • 01
    How does it work?
  • 02
    In alignment with the algorithm
  • 03
    Quality only Backlink
  • 04
    Only report what you want
  • 05
    All the advantages of SEO
Get rid of the Geese that poison your Wolf

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Remove toxic backlinks, take your site to the top: take the leap to the highest peak, free yourself from the burdens that weigh down your ranking.

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