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Oscar Wilde would say: "There is only one thing worse in the world than being talked about, and that’s not being talked about". Now is your chance to get people to talk about you like they’ve never done before. Choose our Digital PR service to promote your brand through the best newspapers, influencers and monitor the performance of your online promotion campaigns.

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Digital Pr

Public relations of the future

the % of the Content Marketing impact in Digital PR
the % of the Link Building impact in the Digital PR
% of consumers who do not buy from those who have 4 or more negative items
Valure your Pup Brand

Digital PR, at the service of your business

When we think of digital public relations, erroneously we would think about high but not very profitable investments compared to those of the performance campaigns. The truth is, that a great business wolf, questions whether the performance campaigns are fully functioning. Therefore, he realizes that the brand must be valued, promoted and expanded. And you… Are you that kind of Wolf? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is taking the positioning of your brand for granted in the minds of your potential customers. Promote it with a Digital PR strategy based on links, on its presence in targeted portals and on communication designed to promote a positive feeling about your product, service or brand.

Thanks to our experience in Digital PR SEO, we will build valuable content that will be promoted through online newspapers, portals, blogs and much more. In addition, you will gain quality traffic and links that will improve the indexing of your site.

Wolf agency. Seo a 360 gradi
wolf agency. Seo a 360 gradi
Use the woods background noise to your advantage

SEO, links, press: promote your digital identity

Think of your brand as if it were a wolf pup that needs to be taken care of, in order to have him go about life in a safe and assured manner, it’s important to support him in his rigorous journey.
In the woods business there are a lot of challenges to overcome: the competitors, the toxic links to remove from one’s backlink, the indexing…

Through Digital PR, your wolf’s communication will start to settle one step at a time, but it will only grow stronger with the right care and nourishment.
In a world where we are oversaturated with content, messages and interaction, your brand will have to remain in àuge to not get trampled, or worse, forgotten. The promotion and the communication will be aimed towards talking about different aspects of your brand: The launch of new products, promotions, initiatives with beneficial goals but also changes in corporate assets. Every actor from your Digital PR strategy will have a message to communicate.
Use the woods background noise to your advantage and let yourself be heard when it’s the right time.

How does it work?
How does it work?

01 Digital PR, your digital reputation

We will choose the ambassador or the best channel for your brand, together. We will improve your brand’s online reputation and increase the perceived value of the products and services you offer.
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Growth of traffic and ranking
Growth of traffic and ranking

02 The role of the SEO

We offer you publications and therefore incoming links from high-quality sites. We also your ranking score by working on both link building and PR Digital.
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Brand Popularity
Brand Popularity

03 Take control over the research

Besides your site, who else can talk about you better than you? Who else can be on the front page? Take over web searches by taking advantage of the possible results and full control over your brand’s popularity.
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Communicate your values
Communicate your values

04 Digital PR and Top-of-Mind

Position yourself in the user’s mind effectively by communicating what you value the most in your business, what you believe in and where you want to get with your products or services through concrete branding goals!
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Beyond the Digital
Beyond the Digital

05 Digital PR lowers acquisition costs

Even your offline business can take advantage of the benefits of Digital PR activities. Your reputation will go beyond Google and will strengthen by reducing the costs of incoming campaigns.
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  • 01
    How does it work?
  • 02
    Growth of traffic and ranking
  • 03
    Brand Popularity
  • 04
    Communicate your values
  • 05
    Beyond the Digital

Build your brand’s reputation and strength

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