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The right to be forgotten

With the Right to be Forgotten service we take care of your web reputation and your online image. Do you have negative, false or harmful content on the Internet? Wolf Agency can delete this news from the web, thanks to a partnership with dedicated lawyers, and since it became an EU law as part of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) legislation introduced in 2018, which has strengthened and enhanced the concept of the right to be forgotten via web.

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Right to be forgotten: Improve your online reputation!

the % of Urls removed by Google Italia compared to requests
the % of private individuals requiring cancellation compared to companies
the % of requests for the right to be forgotten concerning insufficient information
the % of the portals with most requests for cancellation, also known as news sites

The Right to Be Forgotten: in order to remove content, links, images, videos...

A Wolf is good at indexing but also at sniffing out your information that should be removed, as it is well known that false or outdated rumors can spread quickly in the woods. Everyone has the right to have his name not associated to a particular online search: the right to oblivion, cancellation or deindicization or de-listing of the result.

For your online reputation it is not enough to delete unwanted photos and videos, it is also important to intervene on indexed content and, later, rebuild a positive sentiment for you or for your wolf brand. Contact Wolf Agency for all information regarding the right to be forgotten and the ability to remove unwanted content, links, images. We defend your online reputation with the right to oblivion, we bite away all the negative content about you.

Wolf agency. Seo a 360 gradi
wolf agency. Seo a 360 gradi
Clear your species image from unwanted content and comments

Right to Oblivion to delete contents from the SERP

The concept of reputation influences our every choice, especially in business. The construction of Brand Reputation is very important especially in the sometimes dark digital woods. The right to oblivion is useful for those who, like you, have content to remove from the web to rebuild sentiment. Don’t let articles and comments ruin your online reputation.

If your digital species image is at risk contact us: The Wolf will remove SERP unwanted content about you or your brand from the SERP.
The Wolf, to get closer to the lambs, covered his legs with flour.
And what are you willing to do to get closer to your goals?
Request a consultation of your online reputation, start cleaning up your image!

How it works?
How it works?

01 Reputation analysis and objectives

We will analyze the market to understand what is the perception of your online image. We will define your goals together and your right to be forgotten thanks to our lawyers.
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Construction of positive sentiment
Construction of positive sentiment

02 Content tailored for you and your brand

We will study the best strategy to build a positive sentiment of your digital image. Communication, tone of voice... You’re going to be the most envied wolf in the woods!
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The best online newspapers will talk about you
The best online newspapers will talk about you

03 Digital PR to rebuild your image

After the right to be forgotten, it will be important to rebuild your online reputation. Contact Wolf Agency, thanks to the Digital PR service, we will present your new image with articles published in the best newspapers and online blogs.
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Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis

04 Market Analysis

We will analyze your competitors to assess their digital reputation and to help you emerge. Jump from the top of your business cliff with Wolf Agency!
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Reports and results
Reports and results

05 Right to Be Forgotten and New Sentiment

Analysis, reports but most importantly: guaranteed results! What are you waiting for, start removing negative content from the web and clean your image up!
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  • 01
    How it works?
  • 02
    Construction of positive sentiment
  • 03
    The best online newspapers will talk about you
  • 04
    Competitor Analysis
  • 05
    Reports and results

The Right to Be Forgotten: Protect your online reputation

Do you want to delete or de-index content, links or images from Google?
Do you want to exercise your right to be forgotten? Contact us!

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