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It’s fundamental for your Local SEO to appear in your local area (city, region ...) and gain a good placement in Google search when a user is looking for a product or service like yours. A Local SEO Strategy, combined with Google's Local algorithm, will allow you to boost your local ranking and drive more traffic to your site thanks to thousands of users searching for information such as "sushi near me", " clothing shop "," where to buy flowers " and so on...

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Local Seo

Why do your Local SEO Strategy with us?

the % of mobile searches related to the locations
the % of growth of web searches such as ``offer`` + ``nearby``
the% of local mobile searches that turn into purchases
the% of users who visit the store after the research

What are the advantages of Local SEO?

The significant distribution of mobile devices, and geo-localization, has led to a great growth of Local SEO.

For businesses that offer services and products in a specific geographical location, Local SEO positioning has shown to be very useful. We are talking about businesses such as shops, restaurants, B&Bs, hotels, professionals (dentists, lawyers, doctors, etc), artisans … Just like the Wolf who lives in you, who is not permanent but is constantly searching for the best opportunities, even the user, during his travels, tries to discover the resources of the place where he is visiting.

Local searches on Google such as “restaurant in Rome”, “Hotel in Turin”, “clothing store in Milan”, have doubled. These local searches have a very high conversion rate because they are limited. Local SEO strategies are useful for both of those who don’t know your business and for those who know it but are in need of your contact.

Wolf agency. Seo a 360 gradi
wolf agency. Seo a 360 gradi

Increase leads and conversions and stand out by overcoming big brands

Increase leads and conversions and stand out by overcoming big brands Unlike regular SEO, Local Search SEO allows you to optimally position your company on specific search engines in your area. Google, through Google My Business, uses Local algorithms to achieve results through three main criterias: proximity, prominence and relevance. Hunting for nearby prey therefore has different characteristics: which Wolf can really reach them, with a soft step?

The goal is to reach users close to our business and lead them to click and purchase our product or service. But not only! The main purpose can also be to bring the customer from our digital to our physical store. According to data from Google, 76% of users doing Local SEO searches visit the store within a day.

A precise and structured Local SEO Strategy allows companies, even smaller ones, to emerge by increasing leads and conversions. A smaller company can also stand out from a large national brand who only uses wide-ranging keywords and corporate branding to increase web traffic. A large wolf can be at loss during a hunt compared to the small wolf who knows his area and knows how to move towards the goal.

How it Works
How it Works

01 Local SEO Service

We will elaborate the best Local SEO strategy for your company, whether it’s big, small or average. We will help you to optimally position your company on search engines through Google MyBusiness and help you become visible to potential local customers when they perform local research related to the products and services you sell.
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Who can benefit?
Who can benefit?

02 Local SEO for businesses, shops and professionals

The Local Search SEO is useful for all commercial activities that aim to gain local potential customers. This service is especially recommended for shops, restaurants, B&B, hotels... But also for professionals (dentists, lawyers, doctors, etc), craftsmen, self-employed and freelancers.
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«Restaurants in London»
«Restaurants in London»

03 Very high conversion rate

``Rabbit in the Forest`` ``Sushi in London`` Local searches on Google have doubled in the last year and the conversion rate is very high because they are specific. 76% of users who perform local searches visit the store within a day restaurants in London.
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Lupus in Google My Business
Lupus in Google My Business

04 Google My Business

We will set your Google My Business with details of the business (which will also be included in Google Maps): description of your business, category, times, contacts, reviews... Google’s algorithm, with our Local SEO strategies, will do the rest!
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All the advantages of Local SEO
All the advantages of Local SEO

05 Your potential customers are already looking for you

Don’t miss out on the target that seeks services or products like yours. Increase geolocal traffic to your site, increase leads and sales, stand out from big brands and bring customers from online to physical store. All this is Local SEO, Wolf Agency builds all this for you!
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    How it Works
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    Who can benefit?
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    «Restaurants in London»
  • 04
    Lupus in Google My Business
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    All the advantages of Local SEO

We’ll take care of your local SEO:
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