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Through the SEO Press Release service, we will increase the reputation and visibility of your company, your brand, your products or your upcoming event throughout different media: online newspapers, magazines, portals, blogs, social networks and more. Choose us as your Press Office as we write the content of your release through our Professional journalists and get them circulating on local and national headlines. This alongside with writing an institutional communication for your brand, carrying out Digital PR, organizing your press conferences, structuring an editorial plan for your business, creating histories and much more!

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Press Office and Public Relations:
a custom-made press review for you

For the Wolf who wants to make himself known

Create or improve your image with the Press Release service

Have you ever thought that some initiatives, which perhaps you have always understood as purely B2B, may also interest the potential lamb final customer? There are many actions that can positively influence the perception of a company by the consumer: green choices, sustainability, events, new corporate changes, promotions, new products or services…

This is where Press Release becomes essential. Rely on our professional journalists to write press releases for your website and for “traditional” channels (radio, press and TV). We’re not just talking about business; we’re talking about a spreading a positive idea of your image. The Press Release service is also recommended for institutions, non-profit organizations, prominent personalities and those engaged on the political front.

Wolf agency. Seo a 360 gradi
wolf agency. Seo a 360 gradi
Create footprints to have them follow you

Reach the highest peak through our Press Release

It’s time for you to inform the right time and the right target what matters about your business. Whether you are an institution, a company or a freelancer, your image will benefit enormously from our management through press release. A concrete and effective way to promote yourself to those who still do not know you, through a well-elaborated article developed by our professional writers. In fact, it is not said that amongst one’s fellow kind you must necessarily find who performs this task: the experienced Wolf knows well that in nature one can also rely on other animals to achieve their own goals.

Our Press Release service will be aimed at doing what advertising campaigns can do but at often higher costs: become a leader, innovator and front-runner in your field. Every Wolf will start talking about you! Choose our Press Release service and reach the highest peak of your business field.

How does it work?
How does it work?

01 We build your image and your success

We will dedicate our resources to promoting your institutional image in a personalized way: we will listen to what you have to say to improve your corporate communication.
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Greater Authority
Greater Authority

02 The Press Office builds your authority

Take advantage of the potential of Press Office, traditional and digital media to make yourself known: we will build your communication and tone. Gain more authority in the eyes of customers.
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Beyond Marketing with the best titles
Beyond Marketing with the best titles

03 Local and national media will talk about you

Build your reputation by publishing news on national and local media: for full media coverage of what you have to say.
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Comunication and Marketing integration
Comunication and Marketing integration

04 Speak of yourself, but in the right way

Our Press Office service will integrate with your communications office and marketing activities, to be consistent but also effective on all digital and non-digital media
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Visibility and Brand Awareness
Visibility and Brand Awareness

05 Distribution through target posts, blogs and magazines

In addition to the elaboration of the press releases, we will distribute them to selected newspapers, blogs and magazines to help you gain visibility and brand awareness.
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  • 01
    How does it work?
  • 02
    Greater Authority
  • 03
    Beyond Marketing with the best titles
  • 04
    Comunication and Marketing integration
  • 05
    Visibility and Brand Awareness

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Are you looking for a Press Release office for Italy, England, France and other countries that operates at an international level?
Do you want your press releases to be distributed in national and international media? Choose our Press Release service!

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